Software Systems


The following software systems were developed by P.G. Ioannou and his students at the University of Michigan. Click on each title for more details.

STROBOSCOPE General-purpose simulation programming language and system that can model a wide range of complex processes such as those in construction, transportation, manufacturing, services, etc.
EZStrobe An ideal learning tool and a first general-purpose discrete-event simulation system. Models are extended Activity Cycle Diagrams built using drag-and-drop graphics (no programming).
ProbSched Uses drag-and-drop graphics to model scheduling precedence networks (similar to CPM/PERT) where activity duration and/or cost are uncertain and must be defined probabilistically.
UM CYCLONE Discrete-event simulation system for construction operations based on activity scanning and activity cycle diagrams.
CPM Level CPM scheduling and resource leveling program using an enhanced version of the Minimum Moment Method (MOM).
ACTS The Advanced Construction Technology System (ACTS) - Information storage and retrieval system for emerging construction technologies.