State- and Resource-Based 
Construction Process Simulation

Stroboscope is a programming language for construction process simulation. The programming language provides access to the state of the simulation and to the properties of resources. It allows the creation of realistic models that can make utilization, consumption, and production of resources stochastic; perform dynamic resource allocations; characterize resources created at runtime by combining other resources; and make dynamic decisions regarding the sequence of operations.

Julio C. Martinez, Photios G. Ioannou, and Robert I. Carr
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125, U.S.A.


STROBOSCOPE, construction, simulation, modeling , earthmoving, scrapers, pushers, resource, resource properties, dynamic resource routing.

Martinez, J.C., Ioannou, P.G., Carr R.I., "State- and Resource-Based Construction Process Simulation," Proceedings, ASCE First Congress on Computing in Civil Engineering, 177-184, Washington, DC, June 20-22, 1994.