UM-CYCLONE — Construction Simulation System


UM-CYCLONE is a discrete-event simulation system for construction operations based on activity scanning and activity cycle diagrams. The UM-CYCLONE simulation modeling system is described in the Reference Manual and the use of the program is described in the User's Guide.

Background: The UM-CYCLONE simulation engine was written in FORTRAN by Robert I. Carr and Photios G. Ioannou. The menu-driven user interface was written in Pascal by Photios G. Ioannou. It was compiled under DOS in 1989. It is extremely fast and (to this day) bug-free.

UM-CYCLONE runs very well inside a window under all versions of Windows (except, of course, x64). Using DOSBox (available here for free) it can also run under Windows x64, Apple OS/X, Linux, Unix, Solaris, etc.


Uses: UM-CYCLONE has been used in construction practice, and to perform research and teach construction simulation at companies and academic institutions throughout the world since its release in 1989. It is easy to learn, yet quite powerful simulation modeling system. Its unique menu-driven user interface makes it is very easy to use and its robustness provides the necessary confidence in the results.

Upgrade: STROBOSCOPE, and its add-on EZStrobe, are modern 32-bit programmable discrete-event simulation systems that use similar (but much more powerful) modeling elements as UM-CYCLONE. In addition, STROBOSCOPE and EZStrobe have easy-to-use graphical user interfaces and also support animation. It is strongly recommended that UM-CYCLONE users migrate to STROBOSCOPE, or at least to EZStrobe. Any system that can be modeled in UM-CYCLONE can also be modeled (often more realistically) in STROBOSCOPE or EZStrobe. However, most interesting STROBOSCOPE models cannot be represented in UM-CYCLONE.

UM-CYCLONE: Required Files and Installation Instructions

  • UMCYC97.EXE is a "zip" self-extracting archive that contains all UM-CYCLONE programs, documentation, and examples. Download it to an empty directory on your hard disk. In DOS and Windows x86 you can simply run UMCYC97.EXE to unpack its contents. You can also unzip it with a program such as WinZip, WinRAR, or 7-zip.

  • Included within UMCYC97.EXE is LISTDOCS.EXE, also a "self-extracting" archive. It contains the documentation and other files that accompany the shareware program LIST.COM. Its author, Vern Buerg, allows LIST.COM to be distributed freely, without a fee or license, provided it is accompanied by its complete documentation. Please do so.